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Blue Edgeless Microfibre Cloth 450GSM 40x60CM


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These versatile microfibre cloths are suitable for the majority of detailing tasks; such as removing polishes, waxes and cleaning all surfaces inside or outside of your vehicle. EDGELESS DESIGN The ultrasonic cut, plush edgeless surround of the microfibre towel guarantees no hard edges on the microfibre, creating streak-free, scratch-free, lint-free and . ULTRA SOFT ON THE MOST DELICATE SURFACES The Edgeless Microfibre cloths are developed to polish, buff and shine all vehicle surfaces faster, more thoroughly and more safely than other microfibre cloths on the market. The dual pile weave is ultra plush to the touch, , even on the most delicate vehicle paintwork thickness helps absorb the polish, wax and cleaning solutions, while ensuring dirt is pushed deep inside the cloth away from the surface been cleaned, preventing any scratching to the surface. CAN BE USED ON ALL SURFACES Our  Edgeless Microfibre cloths can be used on all external vehicle surfaces, as well as all interior surfaces such as leather,  and plastic

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