25LT Barrell Tap


25LT Barrel Tap

The 25LT Barrel Tap It is made from non-corrosive material and is often used to transfer chemicals or liquids from 25-litre barrels. This 25LT Barrel Tap has been designed with a smooth interior to ensure superior and fast flow. It is easy to use, allowing you to easily transfer liquids, while preventing leakage and dripping.



Frequently asked questions:

Why choose the
25LT Barrel Tap?

  • Fast and seamless flow
  • Great Value Replacement Part
  • No Dripping
  • Long-Lasting
  • Robust

Which size Barrel Tap do I need?

Please check the size of your barrel to ensure that this tap is suitable. This barrel tap is compatible with 25LT.

What are the benefits of the 25LT Barrel Tap?
Fast transfer of liquid

Our 25LT Barrel Tap has been designed with a seamless interior to ensure a superior and fast transfer of chemicals or liquids.

Suitable for 25-litre
Our heavy-duty 25LT Barrel Tap will connect seamlessly with 25-litre containers.

Our 25LT Barrel Tap is an affordable non-corrosive barrel tap as it is long-lasting and great value for money. The great value is one of the many reasons why the 25LT Barrel Tap is such a popular option.
The 25LT Barrel Tap is made from non-corrosive material and is typically used to transfer chemicals from containers used during cleaning processes in the automobile industry.
Great value replacement part
Choosing our 25LT Barrel Tap is much easier and cheaper than replacing your barrel.

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