Cherry Liquid Air Freshener


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Our Cherry Liquid Air Freshener is one of our best-selling products and should be considered an essential item in all vehicle maintenance kits. Our premium air freshener is highly concentrated, so you will only need to use a small amount to ensure that your vehicle is left smelling like a brand-new car- albeit a cherry-flavoured one!

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Frequently asked questions:

Why choose our Cherry Liquid Air Freshener?

  • Best-selling Premium Air Freshener
  • Neutralises Most Odours
  • Quick & Easy to Use
  • Long-lasting Cherry Fragrance
  • How to use our Cherry Liquid Air Freshener?

    After shaking, place the required amount in an atomizing spray bottle – we suggest diluting with ten parts water. Following this, we recommend spraying our Cherry Liquid Air Freshener onto mats and carpets within your vehicle for maximum effect. Please keep the atomizing spray bottle approximately 20cm from surfaces. We suggest using our Cherry Liquid Air Freshener in your vehicle as and when required for optimum results.

    How does Cherry Liquid Air Freshener work?

    Our Cherry Liquid Air Freshener eliminates unwanted smells. It neutralises unpleasant odours and instead provides a pleasant aroma. Cherry Liquid Air Freshener works quickly to mask unpleasant odours in your vehicle and is long-lasting.

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    Weight 5.5 kg

    1000LT, 1LT, 200LT, 20LT – 4 x 5LT, 5LT

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