Hi Gloss Tyre Shine


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Hi Gloss Tyre Shine

Our popular Hi Gloss Tyre Shine is an ideal option for car enthusiasts and professional valets who are looking to enhance the look of their tyres quickly, efficiently and with ease. Using our premium Hi Gloss Tyre Shine ensures that you are guaranteed glossy and sleek-looking tyres. Hi Gloss Tyre Shine has been carefully crafted with a blend of silicone polymers which will ensure a long-lasting result. It is suitable for all tyre types as it is non-corrosive and thus will not affect the structure or durability of the tyre. Hi Gloss Tyre Shine replenishes your tyres by restoring and maintaining the natural moisture of the rubber. If you are looking for a polished finish for your tyres, this is the shine for you!

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Frequently asked questions:

How to use our Hi Gloss Tyre Shine?​

Our Premium Hi Gloss Tyre Shine is easy and quick to use.
1. We suggest cleaning your tyres beforehand with our bestselling Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner and highly recommend that your tyres are clean and dry before using the Hi Gloss Tyre Shine. You can apply the Hi Gloss Tyre Shine to wet tyres, but it will dilute the Gloss and performance will be subsequently affected.
2. Following this, apply a small amount of our Hi Gloss Tyre Shine using a shining brush – we recommend our popular Tyre Shine 3-inch brush.
3. Once the Hi Gloss Tyre Shine has been applied, check for any excess which may need wiping off and then allow the Gloss to dry.
4. If you require a longer-lasting shine, you can apply a second coat of Hi Gloss Tyre Shine once the first coat is dry.

Can I use Hi Gloss Tyre Shine in a body shop?

As our Premium Hi Gloss Tyre Shine includes Silicone, it is not suitable for use in body shops.

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