Microfibre Cloth Blue


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Advanced microfiber cloths are more long lasting, absorbent and softer than standard microfiber cloths. Perfect for contract cleaners or a work place where a colour coded system is required. Clean stainless steel, chrome, glass, granite, ceramic, bodywork and more! Available in packs of 10 cloths or a box of 100 cloths in 4 colours Blue/Green/Yellow/Red.

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Microfibre Cloth Blue

 Microfibre cloth Blue have numerous benefits when used as a cleaning cloth. Not only are they super absorbent, they are extremely durable, are machine washable and have a healthy lifespan. Our microfibre cleaning cloths are the choice of domestic and commercial cleaning professionals due the cloths ability to clean dust, dirt, grime, spills and human hair while also used to polish surfaces.

Not to mention, they are super easy to clean. Simply wash them in warm water and detergent.

and leave them to dry which is simple and quick.

There are different types of cleaning cloths in the market and although cotton cloths and heavy duty paper towels are popular,

 just don’t have the same durability and cannot stand being reused hundreds of times like microfibre cloths can. also have many uses.

These are not just for cleaning kitchens, work surfaces or toilets.

 are perfect to clean glass, windows, computer screens and work wonders on car upkeep.

The reason they have so many uses is that they not only absorb moisture, but they are soft.

kind to all surfaces and are even suitable for furniture polishing.

What are Microfibre Cloths Best Used For?

The list is endless, microfibre cleaning cloths have so many uses, they clean any type of surface.

and can be used dry or wet, they are proven (when used with disinfectant) to get rid of germs.

They are great for dusting and have a unique ability to collect not just dust but dirt too.

And it’s not just indoors, as we have mentioned they are used by car cleaning.

professionals to polish interior glass and plastic and have even been used along with t-cut to remove exterior bodywork scratches.

Microfibre cleaning cloths are made from a synthetic material blend, usually polyester and nylon.

perfect fibres are extremely fine, about 1/100th the diameter of a human hair and so they have have a soft almost silk like feel.

Microfibre Cloth Yellow (40×40 320gsm)

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