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Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush

The Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush is one of our bestselling wheel brushes and is a firm favourite of those in the professional valeting trade. The Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush is a great choice for those who are looking to undertake a thorough wheel clean, whether you are a professional or simply a passionate car enthusiast.

Using the Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush, apply the wheel cleaner of your choice to the wheel. Leave the cleaner on the wheel for 1-2 minutes (depending on the level of build-up). Following this, scrub your wheels using the Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush. This short process will result in your wheels looking sparkly clean!

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What are the benefits of the Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush?

  • Exceptional design

The Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush is designed to be long-lasting, and its high durability ensures it is suitable for the heavy build-up of dirt and grime often found on vehicle wheels. It has also been specifically designed to access those hard-to-reach areas with a bullet-shaped tip that prevents mushrooming. The ergonomic design is a strong selling point for those in the professional valeting industry, as this tool is comfortable to use for long periods of time. Even when accessing those harder-to-reach areas.

  • Acid resistant

The bristles on the Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush are acid-resistant and are made from Trialoy polyester. This ensures that this highly durable wheel brush can be used with both solvents and water-based chemicals. Most importantly, that means that it can be used in conjunction with both acid and non-acid alloy wheel cleaners.

  • Gentle on surfaces

Although highly durable, the Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush is gentle on surfaces. This brush has been designed to ensure that it will not scratch or damage surfaces, even polished surfaces such as chrome.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush used for?

The Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush is commonly used for cleaning vehicle wheels. It is effective at removing the build-up of traffic film, dirt, grease, and brake dust. Due to the design, it is also used for cleaning vehicle engines and breaks.

How to use the Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush?

We recommend using the Atlasta Acid Wheel Brush in conjunction with our favourite wheel cleaner. If used with a sturdy cleaner, it is sure to provide an excellent clean!

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