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Our popular Liquid Leather Cleaner has been designed to provide a gentle but effective clean for leather upholstery. Due to its premium quality, it is commonly used by both valeting professionals and car enthusiasts alike. Our bestselling Liquid Leather Cleaner is ready to use and can be used without any need for water. It is super effective against stubborn marks, making it a key product in any great cleaning kit.

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Frequently asked questions:

How do you use our bestselling Liquid Leather Cleaner?​

Firstly, we recommend transferring the required amount of our Liquid Leather Cleaner into an atomizing spray bottle. We then suggest applying the Liquid Leather Cleaner to a microfibre cloth and wiping over the leather upholstery. For more stubborn marks, agitate gently with the microfibre cloth. Please note, as with any product, we suggest testing a small area before applying in full.

What are the benefits of using Liquid Leather Cleaner?

Gentle on leather
Our premium quality Liquid Leather Cleaner is effective but gentle. Despite being able to lift stubborn marks, it is safe to use on leather without causing damage. As it is so gentle, it can be used as a regular cleaning product if required.

Max protection
Our Liquid Leather Cleaner protects your leather upholstery by not only removing stubborn marks but also removing contaminants that could cause further damage.

Easy to use​
Using our Liquid Leather Cleaner requires minimal effort. You can apply with ease and get great results with no requirement for water.

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