Foam Upholstery Cleaner 500ML


Our foam upholstery cleaner (500ml) is a premium quality cleaning product that enhances and cleans vehicle upholstery with ease. It is one of our bestselling professional upholstery cleaning products and can be used on most fabrics. Due to popular demand, it is also available to purchase in bulk (12 cans).
The foam upholstery cleaner (500ml) removes general soiling as well as grease and water-based stains. Not only will it provide a high-quality deep clean, but it will do so without causing damage to your upholstery. Plus, it also provides a zesty lemon fragrance.

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Frequently asked questions:​

Why choose our foam upholstery cleaner (500ml)?

  • Bestselling Professional Upholstery Cleaner
  • Gentle on Surfaces
  • Easy To Use
  • What are the unique benefits of our foam upholstery cleaner (500ml)?

    1. Gentle on upholstery​
    Our professional foam upholstery cleaner (500ml) is very effective yet gentle. Despite lifting tough contaminants from upholstery, it is safe to use without causing further damage.
    2. Added protection
    Our foam upholstery cleaner (500ml) protects your vehicle upholstery by removing contaminants that could cause lasting damage over time.
    3. Highly effective
    Our bestselling foam upholstery cleaner (500ml) is superb at lifting general soiling, as well as grease and water-based stains.
    4. Easy to use ​
    Using our foam upholstery cleaner (500ml) requires minimal effort. You can apply quickly and with ease to get outstanding results.

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    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg

    500ml (1 Can), 500ml (12 Cans)

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