Sprint Hand Cleaner 4KG


Sprint hand cleaner is a lavender-scented Italian hand-cleaning product that is naturally abrasive. It is uniquely formulated to easily and effectively clean hands, whilst also being gentle to the skin. Sprint Hand Cleaner (4kg) provides an exceptional deep clean and is suitable for removing stubborn stains caused by common contaminants in the automotive trade such as grease, oil, solvents, adhesives, tar, and paints. Using Sprint Hand Cleaner (4kg) It is a quick and convenient way to ensure your hands are truly clean, which is why it is one of our bestselling cleaning products.


Frequently asked questions:​

Why choose our bestselling Sprint Hand Cleaner (4KG)?​

  • Unique & highly effective formula
  • Heavy duty clean​
  • Does not contain plastic
  • Lavender scented
  • Quick and convenient
  • Gentle on skin
  • Made in Italy

Who is Sprint Hand Cleaner (4kg) formulated for?

Sprint Hand Cleaner(4kg) has been specifically formulated for those working with grease, oil, adhesives, tar, solvents, and paints. Therefore, it is a great cleaning product to have at hand for auto mechanics or car enthusiasts who may need to clean tough stains from their hands quickly and easily.

Is it safe to use Sprint Hand Cleaner (4kg)?

Yes. Sprint Hand Cleaner (4kg) has been designed specifically for removing stubborn contaminants from hands. It also does not contain plast

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Weight 5 kg

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