Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner


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Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner​

The Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner is one of our most popular cleaning products and can be used on a wide variety of wheels and finishes. It is a very effective professional cleaning product and removes stubborn traffic film, brake dust, and tar spots from vehicle wheels. Not only will Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner provide a high-quality deep clean, but it will do so without causing damage to your wheels. It is very gentle on the surface of the wheel and will not remove the protective layers.​
By using our Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner, you can prolong the wheels of your vehicle by protecting them from corrosion which is often caused by contaminants. Our Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner is a favourite amongst professional valets and car enthusiasts and is an absolute must in all cleaning kits.


Frequently asked questions:

How to use our Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner?​

Our Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner is an easy-to-use cleaning product that can be applied directly to the wheels of your vehicle, after being diluted. After application, we recommend gently scrubbing the wheel with an Alaster Wheel Brush. Following this, allow the Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner to remain on the wheels for 1-3 minutes (dependent on build-up) before washing off.

How does our Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner work?

Our popular Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner that breaks down deposits of contaminants. However, as it uses milder ingredients, it can break down contaminants without damaging the surface of the wheel. The carefully selected ingredients will lift away stubborn traffic film, brake dust, and tar spots from vehicle wheels. Ensuring your wheels are left looking spotless in no time at all!

Why use our popular Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner?


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1000LT, 1LT, 200LT, 20LT – 4 x 5LT, 25LT, 5LT

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