Manufacture Base TFR

Manufacture Base TFR is a thick alkaline-based detergent and is one of our bestselling cleaning products. It removes stubborn traffic film, dirt, grease, and more from vehicle surfaces. Not only will it provide a high-quality deep clean, but it will do so with minimal scrubbing required. Using our Manufacture Base TFR will also prolong your vehicle surface by protecting it from corrosion that pollutants and ultraviolet rays may cause.

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Frequently asked questions:

Why use Manufacture Base TFR?

  • Bestseller
  • High-quality deep-clean
  • Streak-free finish
  • Minimal scrubbing required

How does Manufacture Base TFR work?

Manufacture Base TFR is a concentrated alkaline cleaner that breaks down deposits of contaminants and lifts them easily from the surface of your vehicle. Our Manufacture Base TFR also eliminates scale as it contains water-softening ingredients. After thoroughly rinsing, your vehicle will be streak-free with minimal scrubbing required.

How do I use Manufacture Base TFR?

Our bestselling Manufacture Base TFR can be used with pressure washers, brush washers, or a pump spray with either cold or hot water. Please note, as with any product, we suggest testing a small area before applying in full.

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