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When thinking about vehicle maintenance, screen wash is probably last on the list. Often overlooked in favour of oil, brake checks and tyres, screen wash becomes the last thing we top up. However, screen wash is an essential part of vehicle maintenance that is designed to keep your windscreen clear and smear-free. What’s more, it is crucial in vehicle safety and keeps your vehicle on a clear path whether you’re driving at night, during the day and in all weather conditions.

But what is the best type of screen wash to use? What are the benefits of screen wash? And how do you top it up? Here is our Comprehensive Guide to Screen Wash for everything you need to know…

What is screen wash?

Screen wash, also known as windscreen washer fluid or wiper fluid, is a liquid solution used to clean the windscreen and windows of a vehicle. It typically includes a mixture of water, cleaning agents, and sometimes antifreeze to prevent freezing in colder temperatures. Our premium quality Screen Wash quickly removes the dirt that accumulates when you drive and has a specially developed no-smear formula to leave your windscreen crystal clear. Our Screen Wash can be diluted with water to suit your needs and can be used in all seasons. Our Screen Wash is also available in 200lt and 1000lt upon request and comes with a peppermint fragrance.

Why is screen wash so important?

Whether you realise it or not, screen wash is the keystone of maintaining your windscreen. Here we delve into why screen wash is so important for vehicle maintenance…

  • Safety & Visibility

It doesn’t take much for your windscreen to become dirty, from parking under trees filled with birds and driving through hordes of bugs to racing through dusty streets. Screen wash keeps your windscreen free from dirt, dust, insects, and other debris that may be collected when driving. These accumulations can impact your visibility as you drive, posing a significant safety risk. Screen wash is essential during all weather conditions, but particularly in conditions where your visibility is already impaired such as rain or fog. Either manually or automatically, screen wash can be used to reduce accident risk and improve overall road safety for you, other drivers, and your passengers.

  • Removes Stains & Stubborn Dirt

Our premium Screen Wash is formulated to quickly remove the dirt that builds up while you drive and has a specially developed no-smear formula to leave your windscreen crystal clear. What’s more, this high-performance solution is designed to tackle even the most stubborn of stains and residues including bird droppings, insects, tree sap and much more. Quality screen wash breeds quality results, and our screen wash will keep your windscreen clean, clear and free from stubborn stains. Say goodbye to the days of scrubbing your windscreen to get rid of stubborn dirt and stains, our quality formula takes care of the job for you.

  • Prolongs Vehicle Component Lifespan

From your windscreen to your wipers, screen wash can help extend the lifespan of several vehicle components. Frequent use of screen wash helps to keep your vehicle’s wipers clean and lubricated, which boosts their efficiency when cleaning your windscreen. What’s more, your windscreen can benefit from being cleaned regularly with screen wash. Screen wash removes any tough stains, dirt, debris, insects and more, all of which could lead to irreparable damage if left to fester and worsen. Protect your vehicle’s windscreen, wipers and other components for longer with our superior quality Screen Clean today.

  • Protection From Freezing

During colder weather, screen wash can help prevent your windscreen washer system from freezing. Featuring a mixture of water, cleaning agents, and antifreeze, our screen wash will prevent freezing in colder temperatures. Screen wash is essential in protecting your windscreen from ice build-up, which if left to manifest, can impact visibility and pose a significant safety risk when on the road. What’s more, when you use your screen wash on a cold winter morning, it will spray onto your windscreen to melt away any ice or frost that may have accumulated overnight. For ultimate protection against ice build-up, our screen wash solution is the answer.

  • Boost Your Vehicle’s Aesthetics

In addition to protecting your windscreen against damage, and freezing and enhancing safety, a clean windscreen also boosts the aesthetics of your vehicle. No one likes to drive a car or be a passenger in a car with a dirty and unkempt windscreen. A spotless windscreen undoubtedly makes your car look better. What’s more, proper vehicle maintenance is essential to the value of your vehicle. So if you want to protect your vehicle’s resale value, a high-quality screen wash is a must for any car enthusiast. Whether you’re driving a Golf, a BMV or a Land Rover, a clear, clean and shiny windscreen will complement your vehicle’s design and style.

How to Fill Your Vehicle with Screen Wash

Filling your vehicle with screen wash is a simple process. Here’s our simple step-by-step guide to help you get started in filling your vehicle with screen wash…

  • Get Everything You Need

For hassle-free screen wash filling, you’ll need to get hold of the following products and materials:

  • Screen Wash Fluid

We recommend purchasing our premium quality Screen Clean fluid. This specially formulated screen wash can be diluted with water to suit your needs and can be used in all seasons. It is available in 200lt and 1000lt upon request and comes with a pleasant peppermint fragrance.

  • Funnel

While not essential, a funnel can help to make the filling process a breeze. It keeps your vehicle clean and makes the process more efficient.

  • Clean Container

You will need a clean container in which to dilute your screen wash with water.

  • Gloves

We recommend wearing gloves when filling your screen wash to protect your skin against any chemical exposure.

  • Find the Reservoir

If you’re not sure where your reservoir is, you can check your vehicle manufacturer’s handbook for the location. It’s typically a translucent plastic container with a windscreen or wiper symbol marked on the cap.

  • Check the Screen Wash Fluid Level

We recommend checking your screen wash fluid level before adding new screen wash. If the reservoir is empty, you will need to add new screen wash fluid. However, if there is still liquid in the reservoir, we recommend leaving it until a later time to avoid overfilling the reservoir.

  • Dilute the Screen Wash Fluid

Screen wash can be diluted according to the instructions on the product label. Typically, the dilution ratio ranges from 1:10 to 1:100 depending on the concentration of the screen wash and the desired level of cleaning. To dilute screen wash, use a clean container and add the required amount of screen wash concentrate to water, mixing thoroughly. Always wear gloves and ensure proper ventilation when diluting screen wash.

  • Fill the Reservoir

Once adequately diluted, position the funnel (if using one) in the reservoir’s opening and carefully pour the fluid into the reservoir. We recommend taking care when pouring to avoid spilling the liquid or overfilling the reservoir. Additionally, we recommend pouring slowly so that you can monitor the fluid level. Once the reservoir is filled, remove the funnel and replace the reservoir cap.

  • Check the Results

Once you have returned the screen wash reservoir cap, you will need to check that the screen wash is working. To do this, turn your vehicle on and activate the windscreen washer system. This should result in the screen wash being sprayed evenly with no leaks around the reservoir.

  • Ongoing Maintenance

Filling your screen wash is not a one-time job. You should ensure that you regularly check the levels of screen wash fluid in your reservoir and top it up if required.

For more information about topping up your screen wash, get in touch with us today!

What are you waiting for?

What could high-quality, specially formulated screen wash do for you? See dirt, streaks, smears and more become a thing of the past with our specially-formed Screen Clean. Beyond cleanliness, filling your reservoir with quality screen wash ensures that you have total visibility as you drive, boosting your safety on the road. What’s more, you can protect your vehicle’s components and prolong their lifespan, protect your windscreen against ice buildup and boost your vehicle’s aesthetics. Ensure a clear path to a great (and safe) driving experience with our quality Screen Clean today. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information.

Screen Wash Product Delivery

Our customers come from a wide range of industries, including car dealerships, car washes, valeters, hauliers, vehicle rental companies, body shops, agricultural dealers, coach and bus operators, plant hire and construction and food processors. If you are within the M25 our highly trained delivery staff will visit you every week if needed. We bring our full range of products to you and offer expert local support and service.

Take immediate delivery of the products you need, with no minimum orders or expensive delivery costs. We realise that when you place an order you want it fast and that’s why we send all online orders on an overnight delivery service. Drop-shipping is available for pallet quantities with your delivery notes and paperwork, for ease of distribution straight from us to your customer.

Get in touch with us today for more information.

We Offer a White Label Service

At Advanced Vehicle Cleaning Supplies we also offer a bespoke White Label Service. We will supply the products, pack and distribute them as your own brand. This popular service enables our distribution partners to supply a wide range of high-quality products under the banner of their own brand. We can produce bespoke products in 1000lt, 200lt, 25lt or 5lt containers.

How To Order…

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Why choose us for your screen wash products?

We are Advanced Vehicle Cleaning Supplies Ltd, your family-run company, and for over 20 years we have helped people get their vehicle maintenance processes right. The right maintenance products and methods are proven to achieve better and longer-lasting results for your vehicle. So, if you’ve been looking for information about screen wash, you’ve come to the right place.


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If you’re looking for quality and affordable Screen Wash, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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