Jet Wash Lance Short


Our popular Jet Wash Lance (Short) is a favourite amongst professional valets and car enthusiasts. When it is used with a premium-quality pressure washer, our Jet Wash Lance (Short) guarantees an effective deep clean. Using our Jet Wash Lance (Short) with a good quality pressure washer will easily lift traffic film, dirt, and grease from vehicle surfaces, even with a heavy build-up of contaminants.


The internal materials of the great-value Jet Wash Lance (Short) are steel and brass and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. As such, this Jet Wash Lance (short) is an absolute must in vehicle cleaning kits and is a robust choice for those who are looking to undertake a chemical clean. The Jet Wash Lance (short) has also been designed with a smooth interior to ensure a superior transfer of chemicals and liquids.

Frequently asked questions:​

Why choose our Jet Wash Lance (Short)?

  • Great-value
  • Durable
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Helps to provide a deep clean
  • Gentle on surfaces

How to use our long-lasting Jet Wash Lance (Short)?

Our popular Jet Wash Lance (Short) will connect seamlessly with pressure washers that have a ¼” BSPF outlet. We recommend using it in combination with a premium-quality pressure washer and cleaning product. This will guarantee a superb deep cleaning process. Upon applying the cleaning product of your choice, we recommend leaving it on the vehicle surface for a few minutes (depending on the level of build-up) before rinsing off with the Jet Wash Lance (short).

Which size Jet Wash Lance (Short) do I need?

Our popular Jet Wash Lance (Short) will connect seamlessly with a pressure washer that has a ¼” BSPF outlet. It is also available with a long lance.

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