Promatic Matt Black 500ML


Promatic Matt Black Paint

We are proud to introduce our bestselling Promatic Matt Black Paint, a textured paint that is suitable for cars and other commercial vehicles. Our high-quality Promatic Matt Black Paint can be used on most surfaces, whether interior or exterior and is a fast-drying option. It provides excellent coverage and a smooth durable finish.

Promatic Matt Black Paint has become a popular option in recent years as the velvet finish provides a unique look. The muted and bumpy surface of Promatic Matt Black Paint not only absorbs light but also hides uneven textures on the vehicle surface. Due to the absorption of light, Promatic Matt Black Paint ensures that imperfections on the vehicle surface are less noticeable.

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What are the benefits of our Promatic Matt Black Paint?

∙ Strong finish
Our Promatic Matt Black Paint provides a weather, ultraviolet, and scratch-resistant finish. Ensuring a highly durable and protective finish.
∙ Versatile
Our Promatic Matt Black Paint is compatible with most vehicle surfaces and can be used on bumpers and plastic trimmings. It is also suitable for both internal and external use.
∙ Absorbs heat
Promatic Matt Black Paint is known for its ability to absorb heat. If the exterior of your vehicle has full coverage of Promatic Matt Black Paint, this will help to keep the interior of your vehicle cooler.

How to ensure your Promatic Matt Black Paint lasts as long as possible?

If the exterior of your car has full coverage of Promatic Matt Black Paint, we highly recommend a thorough cleaning regime. We strongly suggest that you use Snow Foam as a pre-wash. We then advise that this is followed by a thorough rinse to remove any abrasive contaminants that could cause your vehicle surface harm. Following this, we suggest using a car shampoo with a wash mitt to access any hard-to-reach areas.

Please note that it is integral that you only use products that are specifically designed for promatic matt finishes in order to avoid damaging your vehicle surface.

Frequently asked questions:

How to use our Promatic Matt Black Paint?
Our bestselling Promatic Matt Black Paint can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used both on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. If you are considering painting the exterior of your vehicle, this paint can be used as either a primer, undercoat, or topcoat.

Why choose our Promatic Matt Black Paint?


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