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T-Cut Original (500ml) is a unique no-silicone formula that has been used since 1954 for cleaning and restoring the original colour to vehicle surfaces. T-Cut Original (500ml) is renowned for returning lustre to vehicle paintwork and removing oxidation, light scratches, ingrained road grime and tar with ease. It is easy to use and leaves no harmful residues.

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Frequently asked questions:

Why choose our bestselling T-Cut Original (500ML)?​

  • Unique no-silicone formula
  • 5* colour restorer
  • Suitable for all paint types
  • Removes oxidation & scratches
  • Easy to use​

Where can I use T-Cut Original (500ML)?

T-Cut Original (500ml) is suitable for use on bikes, boats, and cars to safely remove swirl marks, paint transfers, and light scratches. T-Cut Original (500ml) is also often used to prepare vehicle surfaces for repainting or polishing. Plus, it can also be used around the home for antique restoration.

How do I use T-Cut Original (500ML)?

We highly recommend testing an inconspicuous area first. Following a successful test run, grab two high-quality microfibre cloths and ensure the surface is clean and dry. Dampen one of the cloths and then apply the T-cut Original (500ml) to this cloth. Work on a small area at a time, buffing any excess product with the second cloth before the T-Cut original dries. Please shake the bottle before use.

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